Employer FAQ

Frequently asked questions from employers like you.

How do you charge?

Our rates are based on your needs. To go about getting a number, fill out the form under the "Employer" section of the website,  then click "Get Started." The form is at the bottom of the page.

How do you save me time?

Simple. The time it takes to hire a single employee (advertising the position, holding interviews, etc.) takes days, weeks, and even months to fill a position. You could spend that time elsewhere on your business.

After submitting an employee request form, when will I get a response from you?

Within 30 minutes. If submitted after 6 PM MST, you'll get a call from us before 11 AM MST the next day.

What services do you offer?

Complete workforce management, fulfill staffing needs, employee training and transition to your company, analyze reports to ensure you're seeking favorable performance and growth.